Graduate Program in Literature, Culture, and Contemporaneity

The Graduate Program in Literature, Culture, and Contemporaneity was created in 2011 after the restructuring of the former Graduate Program in Letters at PUC-Rio – one of the first generation of programs in the area in Brazil, which over the years has trained countless professors and scholars who are today at the forefront of literary studies across the country.

The program is of a transdisciplinary nature, staying constantly abreast of theoretical developments, scrutinizing the phenomena at play in the contemporary world, and taking innovative perspectives – both in its curriculum and in the proposal of new targets of investigation and formats of writing capable of yielding cutting-edge scholarly work.

The curriculum breaks away from the traditional disciplinary boundaries of letters and literary studies, simultaneously encouraging the specificities that mark each of the research areas and developing the interfaces between them and commonalities they share. This open approach fosters more interchange between faculty members and students. Furthermore, as the course has an international profile, the professors and students are constantly interacting (through courses, seminars, and lectures) with the professionals who are most actively engaged in the subjects of contemporaneity and literature.

The aim is to offer graduate students a multidisciplinary education that ties in with the knowledge produced in the program’s research areas and projects. As such, the Graduate Program in Literature, Culture, and Contemporaneity prizes critical, proactive reflections about the contemporary world and traditions in the fields of knowledge it covers..

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