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Department of Letters of PUC-RIO

The PUC-RIO Literature Department offers a wide range of options to undergraduate and graduate students.

We offer two graduations: Letters and Scenic Arts.

  • Arts and Crafts

The Performing Arts course offers a wide introduction and development of theatrical techniques, aiming at the conceptual and practical elaboration of proposals for creation and research, aiming to train professionals committed to the constitution, maintenance and - mainly - innovation of the symbolic and immaterial universe of society In its contemporary complexity. The artistic scene, the body, the text, the acting, and all the elements that constitute the grammar of the scene, are taken as Content Nucleus, around which gravitate concepts and practices capable of offering the student of the course the differential that can Decisive in their professional life. The course also offers the opportunity to participate in festivals, seminars, publications and research and pedagogical practices, through initiatives such as BOSQUE, PIUES and PET.


In Letters, there are four possibilities of courses:
Bachelor's degrees (monolingual and bilingual English / Portuguese)Translation (English / Portuguese)Writer Training (Textual Production)Bilingual bachelors (English / Portuguese)Many disciplines are common to various courses, allowing for greater integration among students and the possibility of completing more than one course - without significantly increasing the time spent at the University. The curricula seek to measure the theoretical knowledge necessary for a good training with the practical knowledge of the profession.
In addition to the specific professional internships of some courses, students of the Literature Department may engage in research activities, often remunerated with the support of funding agencies and integrated into graduate projects such as PIBIC, PET and PIBID scholarships.

Postgraduate studies

The Graduate Program has two stricto sensu graduate programs, both with Master's and Doctorate degrees and both with an assessment of CAPES.

  • Postgraduate Program in Language Studies (PPGEL)
  • Postgraduate Program in Literature, Culture and Contemporaneity (PPGLCC)
The Department also offers several Lato Sensu Postgraduate courses (Specialization).


Extension courses

IPEL offers university extension courses, as well as language and culture courses.



The Literature Department has its own laboratories for teaching foreign languages, multimedia activities and research.

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