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Graduate Program in Language Studies

This program was awarded a score of 5 by CAPES in its 2013 assessment.


About the Program

The Graduate Program in Language Studies began its activities in February 2011 after the former Graduate Program in Letters was broken down into its two respective concentrations: language studies and literary studies. The trajectory of the program actually dates back to the 1970s, when the master’s (1970) and doctorate (1973) in letters were created. These courses played a significant part in shaping the academic study of linguistics and Portuguese in Brazil.

The Graduate Program in Language Studies is notable for the broad-based view of human language it offers. It encompasses a variety of theoretical approaches and explores interdisciplinary subjects concerning signification, relationships between language, society, and culture, and relationships between language and cognition and language and technology.

The faculty, who work in four broad research areas, enjoy national and international acclaim and maintain research groups of excellence, who work in close cooperation with researchers from other institutions as part of inter-institutional projects. The program fosters integration between undergraduate and graduate levels through research projects and other activities. The Graduate Program in Language Studies also welcomes postdoctoral researchers and professors.

Students of the Graduate Program in Language Studies have the opportunity to acquire knowledge in any of the program’s areas of research, while also gaining new perspectives on complementary and contrasting features of different theoretical and methodological approaches, and having the chance to investigate specific topics of interest in greater depth.

Every year, selection processes are held for new masters’ and doctoral students. The successful applicants receive exemption from tuition fees and can obtain grants from funding agencies (CAPES, CNPq, FAPERJ).



The goals of the Graduate Program in Language Studies are:

  1. to train human resources for higher education research/teaching activities in the area of language/language studies;
  2. to educate graduates in related areas for interdisciplinary research with a language focus;
  3. to contribute to the production of knowledge of recognized quality in the national and international academic milieu about Brazilian Portuguese and linguistic phenomena in general;
  4. to encourage the formation and maintenance of research groups working in novel areas, exploring connections between language and other fields of knowledge;
  5. to contribute towards the improved quality of Brazilian education at different levels.

The master’s program aims to:

  • provide a solid enough background for students to join research groups investigating the description of Portuguese and/or language-oriented subjects of an interdisciplinary nature;
  • provide students with the capacity to reflect upon language from a theoretical perspective in their professional activities.

The doctoral program aims to provide its students with the ability to:

  • work as faculty members of higher education establishments in disciplines relating to language studies;
  • conduct scientific research about language autonomously;
  • join or set up research groups of nationally and/or internationally renowned quality;
  • perpetuate or exceed the level of excellence attained by the program at the present time in future academic activities.

Area of Concentration

There is only one concentration: Language Studies


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