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Since 2010, the Department of Letters at PUC-Rio has offered a three-year degree course with a specialization in Writing. This course is designed to develop students’ mastery of the techniques and strategies of writing through workshops for film and television screenplay writing, playwriting, the writing of works of fiction, poetry, and technical texts, and writing for the Web. Alongside these disciplines, the course also provides a solid foundation in language and literature.

This new specialization offered as part of the undergraduate program in letters was devised in response to demand expressed by the university’s students and a longstanding concern on the part of the professors, in the understanding that a course of this nature could help develop skilled professional writers for new market niches. It is the first initiative of its kind in Rio de Janeiro and, indeed, one of only a few across the world.

Those interested in obtaining a degree in writing and other undergraduate specializations in letters should enroll for the PUC-Rio entrance examination. Undergraduates can also apply to join the course by means of internal or inter-institutional transfer, and candidates who already have a degree can apply for the course based on their existing qualifications.

Supervisors of the Degree in Writing: 
Prof. Paulo Henriques Britto and Prof. Helena Franco Martins

Disciplines per semester, Degree in Writing

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