Graduate Program LCC

Research Projects

Research Area 1: Contemporary Challenges: Theories and criticism


Contemporary Brazilian Prose and Critical Interventions
Prof. Karl Erik Schollhammer


Theoretical Repertoires and the Practice of Criticism Today
Prof. Heidrun Krieger Olinto and Prof. Karl Erik Schollhammer


The Interdisciplinary Bases for Hermeneutic Thinking
Prof. Eliana Yunes


Founding Texts of the Theory of Reading
Prof. Eliana Yunes


Literature and Death in Childhood Languages
Prof. Rosana Kohl Bines


Fiction and the Quotidian: Regimes of visibility in contemporary Brazilian literature and film
Prof. Vera Lucia Follain de Figueiredo


Mysticism and Witnessing: A study of knowledge, language, and praxis in contemporary mysticism
Prof. Maria Clara Lucchetti Bingemer


Theoretical Imagination in Literary Studies and Contemporary Theater: Performative accents
Prof. Mariana Maia Simoni and Prof. Heidrun Krieger Olinto


Value Judgments, Criticism, and Curatorship: The shifting place of art in the era of museums
Prof. Luiz Camillo Osório


Image and History in Contemporary Thinking
Prof. Patricia Lavelle

Research Area 2: New Scenarios of Writing


Survival of Local Popular Culture and the Avant-Garde in Contemporary Brazilian Writing
Prof. Marília Rothier Cardoso


Genealogies of the Body
Prof. Ana Paula Veiga Kiffer


Poetics of Song
Prof. Julio César Valladão Diniz


The Verse in Modern Brazilian Poetry
Prof. Paulo Fernando Henriques Britto


Language as a Form of Life and Perspectivism
Prof. Helena Franco Martins


Counterculture and Experimentalism in Brazil: Ruptures, reinterpretations, and permanence
Prof. Frederico Oliveira Coelho


Cultural Collectives – An experience in commons policies in the city of Rio de Janeiro
Prof. Miguel Jost Ramos and Prof. Julio Diniz

Research Area 3: Literature, Culture, and Politics in Portuguese-Speaking Spaces


Realism, Realisms – Debates about a fiction policy
Prof. Izabel Margato


Portuguese Neo-Realism: Collection and documentation
Prof. Izabel Margato


João do Rio and Representations of the City III: The artist, the reporter, and the artifice
Prof. Renato Cordeiro Gomes


Representations of the City in Literature and Media Culture
Prof. Renato Cordeiro Gomes


Africa: Other modes of use
Prof Eneida Leal Cunha


Community and Immunity: The field of culture, fiction, and politics in Portuguese-language spaces
Prof. Alexandre Montaury


Literature, Reading, and Politics
Prof. Julio Cesar Valladão Diniz


The Cardinal Points of Modernism III
Prof. Gilberto Mendonça Teles


Historical and Literary Reminiscences: Foundation and metamorphosis in Portuguese literature
Prof. Cleonice Serôa da Motta Berardinelli

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