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The Department of Letters offers degree courses for monolingual (Portuguese Language and Literature) and bilingual (Portuguese and English Language and Literature) teachers. Adopting a contemporary teacher training perspective, we week to develop in the students/trainee teachers a critical and reflective attitude towards the process of teaching and acquisition of Portuguese as a first language and/or English as a foreign language, within the broader sociocultural and educational context of Brazil. The courses are designed to develop critical, questioning professionals concerned not just with the quality of the work they do, but also the quality of life in the classroom. We stress the importance of the future teacher adopting an investigative, exploratory approach, turning the classroom and pedagogic activities into inexaustable fields of research. We encourage our students to become researchers as well as teachers, and not just to reproduce or pass on content-based knowledge.


In the current curriculum, which has been in[R1]  place since 2004, the students are offered a range of disciplines and workshops with innovative proposals, providing opportunities throughout the course for them to develop their critical, reflective capacities. This includes enabling them to improve their linguistic and discursive skills in both Portuguese and English, providing forums for the discussion of intercultural aspects, and facilitating contact with the latest language teaching approaches so the students can appraise the suitability of the approaches used in different teaching settings in Brazil, and discover and reconsider the beliefs that underpinned the educational practices they experienced as students and those they hold as future teachers. As part of their course of education, the monolingual and bilingual student/teachers of the Department of Letters at PUC-Rio observe and give lessons at Colégio Teresiano, a teaching school linked to PUC-Rio, and at other public and/or private schools in Rio de Janeiro.


The theoretical concepts that structure the disciplines and workshops given as part of the curriculum of the degree with teaching certification reflect the strong integration within the Department of Letters between teacher training and the department’s offer of continuing education in its graduate diploma courses and masters’ and doctoral programs in English language, Brazilian literature, and the training of teachers of Portuguese as a foreign language. In the graduate diploma courses and master’s research areas, the same professors involved in the undergraduate courses engage in research of questions concerning the teaching/acquisition of native languages, the teaching of literature, and the teaching/acquisition of foreign languages. This also enables our students to get involved in research projects as student researchers as grant holders or volunteers.


As we regard this course as an important stage in a process of continuous learning, we offer our undergraduates the chance to get involved in teaching Portuguese and/or English with NGOs, at community university entrance exam preparatory courses, or at language schools, while counting on the expertise and guidance of the professors from the department. Our trainee teachers are also given the chance to take part in partnerships between the Department of Letters, the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Department of Education, the Rio de Janeiro State Department of Education, other Brazilian or foreign universities, trade entities like SESC and SENAI, teachers’ associations, the British Council, the United States Embassy, etc.


Disciplines (per period) – Degree with Teaching Certification in Portuguese and English Language and Literature 

Disciplines (per period) – Degree with Teaching Certification in Portuguese Language and Literature

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