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Bilingual Bachelor’s Degree Course

Created in 1995, the Bachelor’s Degree in Portuguese and English Language and Literature reflects the experience of the Department of Letters acquired since it was formed in 1941. In the early 1970s, when the first graduate programs in language and literature were created, an undergraduate model was consolidated that was based on effective integration between teaching and research. The introduction of the masters’ and doctoral programs set the foundations for the current situation, where all the core faculty members contribute to the undergraduate and graduate courses. The Department of Letters and its undergraduate program have since benefitted from the mutually beneficial exchange of ideas resulting from the professors’ research activities with the effective participation of the students in both fields of action. In this sense, with the aim of introducing the students to the world of academic research, this bachelor’s degree course offers a robust grounding in both languages, providing them with a theoretical and descriptive understanding of both English and Portuguese, with an emphasis on the study of the relationships between language, literature, and culture. This educational profile enables the students to work in two different areas: research, for those keen to pursue an academic career, and practical, for those who want to enter the national and international labor market in the fields of publishing, culture, and business.

Graduates of the course will: 

  • be capable of interpreting, analyzing, and producing texts of different genres and registers;

  • demonstrate theoretical and descriptive knowledge of the phonological, morphosyntactic, lexical, semantic, and pragmatic aspects of Portuguese and English;

  • recognize different linguistic variables and registers;

  • undertake research in the field of language in the light of different theories;

  • demonstrate the capacity to read literary works critically;

  • establish and discuss relationships between literary works and other types of discourse and their contexts;

  • relate literary texts to general culture and demonstrate the historical and theoretical knowledge needed to reflect upon the conditions within which writing becomes literature;

  • develop active, critical mastery of a representative sample of Brazilian, Portuguese, and/or English-language literature;

  • take on the role of multiplier, fostering the development of linguistic, cultural, and aesthetic skills, favoring the development of an investigative, reflective attitude that is propitious for the continuous process of knowledge building and use of new technologies.

Disciplines per period – Bachelor’s Degree Course

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